Seating restoration for stadiums worldwide

Seat Renew Global Limited was established in New Zealand to remedy the problem of sun faded plastic stadium seats. There are more than 150 million stadium seats throughout the world and all plastic seats fade once subjected to the elements for an extended period.

Seat Renew developed a plastic restoration process which restores stadium seating back to the original colour and condition followed by a maintenance plan to keep seats looking great year after year. This planned maintenance approach has huge economic and environmental pay-off. Plastic seating can now have an almost indefinite lifespan with a quality look throughout that life.

The restoration process is quick, simple and fully managed by Seat Renew no matter where you are in the world. At Seat Renew we’re committed to quality of service and operating with integrity.

Our Values

Transparency – your proposal will be written in plain English with no hidden costs or tricky legal jargon.

Attention to detail – we’re obsessed with attention to detail and will ensure each and every stadium seat is restored to the highest possible standard.

Individual solutions – every stadium is different and every type of seat is different, we’ll tailor an individual solution just for you.

Fixed pricing – The price quoted in writing is all inclusive and fixed for the duration of the contract providing you with cost certainty for years to come.

Guaranteed - A Fade Management Program includes the Seat Renew Warranty which guarantees all workmanship 100% and is backed by the highest level of ongoing customer

See what we can do for your stadium seating  Free sample seat treatment available worldwide. What have you got to lose?

See what we can do for your stadium seating

Free sample seat treatment available worldwide. What have you got to lose?

Our Team



Adrian Munt invented and developed the Seat Renew restoration process and is the founder and CEO of Seat Renew Global Ltd.

An entrepreneur from an early age, he has led a number of companies in the fields of engineering, industrial machinery, plastics manufacturing, chemical blending, maintenance and service provision.

His 30 year career has been dedicated to developing innovative solutions to commercial problems, particularly in relation to surface coatings, assets maintenance and service processes.

He has consulted extensively to the cleaning and facility management industries implementing maintenance strategies and investigating product performance and is often relied on by flooring manufacturers and importers as an independent expert. 

His technical knowledge and leadership skills have been paramount in the development of the services Seat Renew is able to offer stadiums around the world.


Paul was born in Ottawa, Canada and grew up on the rugged island of Newfoundland on Canada’s East coast. He studied Political science and French at Memorial University Newfoundland and Universite de Caen, in Normandy, France.

Early in his career Paul worked in media sales and this grounding helped him understand the importance of customer service and the needs of the client. Before joining Seat Renew, Paul spent almost 9 years working for the successful international magazine, PanStadia & Arena Management.

“Working with PSAM gave me an opportunity to meet both the suppliers and venue managers of stadiums throughout the world. The opportunity to work closely with several key architectural clients has given me a dynamic insight into the design, construction and operational aspects of sports venue the world over.

Paul believes Seat Renew's services affords sport venues the opportunity to safe guard their investments while playing an important role in helping protect the planet by reusing and renewing one of their key assets.